We propose a new typology of energy producing structures – COLLECTIVE POWER STRUCTURES  – which act as both energy collectors and public space generators within the existing microrayon housing blocks. These macro-rooms, communal Shukhov Towers, canopies and screens in-between the blocks create spatial transformations and instigate new situations and social infrastructures for the inhabitants.

The existing housing blocks are used to anchor lattice screens of PV cell arrays as well as micro-turbines harvesting the wind tunnel effect commonly occurring in such configurations of blocks.



1_background_w-1.jpg moscow-event1-316-w.jpg collective-power-structures300-1.jpg 12_feral-office-boberska-img6519_v2.jpg IMG_6371-1.jpg IMG_6346-w.jpg render4-w-1.jpg Optimist_IMG_6028-w.jpg 12_feral-office-img64482d.jpg 12_feral-office-img6120-w.jpg View_A_IMG_6021-w.jpg e-w-1.jpg netcells2-w.jpg IMG_6468b-w.jpg moscow-event1-306-w.jpg moscow-event1-175-w.jpg moscow-event1-087-w.jpg