Design Architect  2001 – 2007

Worked directly with Craig Webb, Design Partner, on projects:

Princeton Science Library ( built )

Spruce Street Tower: 86-story residential skyscraper in New York, Manhattan ( built )

Grand Avenue Project, downtown Los Angeles (schematic design )

Museum  of Tolerance , Jerusalem  ( schematic design through design development )

Barcelona Transportation Museum ( design competition )

BEEKMAN-Process-w.jpg Beekman-Process-A13.2-v2-w.jpg Beekman-Process-model-3-w.jpg Beekman-Process-B48-w.jpg Beekman-Process-B60_04-w2.jpg BerenikaBoberskaPrincetonScienceLibrary-copy.jpg Princeton-Science-Library-3-w.jpg Princeton-Science-Library-2-w.jpg barcelona-1-w.jpg barcelona-2-w.jpg BerenikaBoberskaGrand-AvenueProjectLosAngeles-copy.jpg Grand-Avenue-w.jpg Grand-Avenue-w2.jpg