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Berenika Boberska leads Precision Forestry Research Project in Finland

Berenika Boberska has been invited by the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts to lead a research project as a Visiting Professor during the summer months.

The project investigates the idea of “Precision Forestry” and is a collaboration with the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute and their team of scientists who 3d scan the unfathomable Finnish forests. The project re-imagines this undertaking in the spirit of exploratory expeditions of eccentric pioneer botanists of the 19th century, but now geared with mobile 3D scanning devises and concerned with the future space of the forest. These “occluded environments”, until recently impenetrable to sensing technology, are now captured in 3d point clouds of haunting densities and spectrums, once again capable of harbouring mythologies ( old and new), beasts and speculations.

The project concludes (momentarily) with an exhibition in Helsinki in October, which presents an immersive photogrammetric “forest capture” projection and a recreation of a fictional field laboratory complete with instruments and spatial specimens – both found and imagined.