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Exhibition: Aperiodic Table of the Anthropocene | tranSci Lab UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA | OPENING FRIDAY, MAR 15 5:30PM

FRI, MAR 15 – Thurs, MAR 28, 2024 TRANSCI LAB FOR REAL WORLD CHEMISTRY AND CREATIVE COMMUNICATION, CHEM BLDG. 222 The Periodic Table has been called “nature’s Rosetta Stone,” “the chemist’s map” and “probably the most compact and meaningful compilation of knowledge yet devised.” If the time-honored periodic table hanging in science classrooms around the […]

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Berenika Boberska & Scrap Marshall took part in the Bombay Beach Biennale this year, constructing their installation – the Hinterlands Kiosk – on the receding shores of the Salton Sea. A renegade celebration of art, philosophy and music, the Biennale transforms the town of Bombay Beach into a fully immersive experience for three days of […]

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Berenika Boberska leads Precision Forestry Research Project in Finland

Berenika Boberska has been invited by the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts to lead a research project as a Visiting Professor during the summer months. The project investigates the idea of “Precision Forestry” and is a collaboration with the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute and their team of scientists who 3d scan the unfathomable Finnish forests. […]